The Kalamazoo Mens Rugby Football Club  

Club Song

Back in 1988, in the southwest of our state,
When all we did was drown ourselves in beer,
We revived an ancient game, gave ourselves a canine name,
And gave new meaning to the words "Instilling Fear!"

We're the Orange & Black, we know only to attack,
We're a team that won't back down or give a yard!
You can't stop us breaking through, we'll beat the hell right out of you,
We play it rough, we play it tough, we play it hard!

For it's rapite fortius, rapite citius*,
Playing for the brave and the true!
We built this club on pride, we've all got it deep inside,
We're the Dogs from Kalamazoo, we're the Dogs from Kalamazoo!

*Latin "strike hard, strike fast"

Copyright (c) Kalamazoo Dogs 2005

Sponsored by: Arcadia Brewing Company